Black Aesthetics Institute, Inc. (BAI) is a non-profit 501(c) (3) youth development and arts organization.

We teach at risk and disadvantaged youth how to write, act in, and direct films about the Black experience in order to dispel negative Black stereotypes in the world and the United States, in particular. This one of a kind youth development organization is designed to encourage the appreciation of artistic aesthetics among young men and women in the community. Black Aesthetics Institute provides jobs in the media industry and strives to motivate youth to achieve their fullest potential through exposure to self-esteem building programs. This innovative organization teaches youth the beauty of how to be through the creative arts that focus on Black culture and self-pride.

Founder’s Story
In 2002, while living in Brooklyn, New York, Denise Erskine-Meusa grew weary of the stereotyped images of Black people that appeared in the mainstream media. In her eyes, young African American males were excessively portrayed as drug dealers and gangsters, and Black women were disproportionately depicted as mammies, welfare mothers or jezebels... READ MORE»

About The Founder

Denise Erskine-Meusa has been in the youth development arena for over eleven years. As founder and president of Black Aesthetics Institute, Inc., Erskine-Meusa plays an integral role in the media arts training programs, business operations and production of film projects for this non-profit 501(c)(3) youth development and film production firm... READ MORE»


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